The Pagoda Lamp
The Pagoda Lamp

The Pagoda Lamp

Materials used
Copper, Nepali paper
Dimensions (W*D*H)
45cm*45cm*15cm (Can be customised)
Design Architect
Jenisha Khatri

True to its name, the Pagoda Lamp gracefully embodies the spirit of Nepalese architecture, drawing inspiration from the intricate roofing structures seen in Pagoda-style temples. It mirrors this typical roofing structure, characterized by its metal sheet covering with intricate metal bars enveloping the sheet, all set within a tiered design.
The choice of materials is an homage to the traditional use of metals like brass and gold in roofing materials. This lamp artfully plays with the contrast of rustic metals to create an ambient, inviting atmosphere.

In addition to the copper variant, the lampshade can be created using paper, infusing a light and airy ambiance. Whether you opt for copper or paper, the Pagoda Lamp gracefully illuminates spaces while embracing cultural richness.